What is EFT? By Jenny Luscombe

EFT quickly and effectively provides relief from any emotional or physical issue: anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, chronic pain, chronic disease, trauma, relationship issues, allergies, addictions, phobias, fears, weight / body issues.

Think of EFT as ‘psychological acupressure’ - gentle tapping on your own acupuncture points while tuning into and talking about the emotional or physical issue.
During a traumatic event, we experience fight, flight, freeze responses, associated with the amygdala part of the brain. At the moment of trauma, many of the bodies systems actually shut down, apart from the senses, which become heightened.

The body and mind experience threat; this very specific form of 'danger', whatever it may be, i.e. physical violence, rejection, betrayal, humiliation or helplessness for example, is remembered vividly and encoded in the body, to protect you from future incidences of similar experiences. The body and mind 'remember' all the details and then remain on high alert to similar threats for the rest of your life.

In our primitive past, we would have coded 'tigers in the bushes' type situations, but now, in the present day, we are coding masses of 'dangers' because we live in a high pressure society with multiple threats to our wellbeing.

These 'past' situations, even though they are effectively over, unconsciously remain energetically open, to 'keep us safe', which can wreak havoc with your wellbeing and freedom. Consider, for example, the flashbacks and loss of sleep that a war veteran experiences. This Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is an extreme version of what we all experience when we think of a painful past experience.

Your body has identical physiological responses when you are dreaming, as if you were experiencing that event in actual reality. In the same way, the tapping and simultaneous talking about the trauma tunes you in physiologically to that original coding of the event in your body and mind, you are effectively accessing and surfacing that same unwanted energy.

These are just unconscious patterns, the tapping switches off the fight, flight, freeze responses specific to your issue and you are switching off the triggers - you are free!

If these blocks remain and are not released, you can start to manifest emotional and physical symptoms which restrict your life and cause you to have limiting beliefs about yourself and your potential to move forward. You can end up having a heightened sensitivity to so many aspects of life, that life itself can become difficult and unmanageable.

EFT brings the stress hormone cortisol down by 24%. Bringing relaxation into the body and mind by reducing cortisol to this degree, puts the body and mind immediately into a 'healing' state. While tuning into your negative experiences while in a relaxed state, you are effectively reprogramming yourself. You are setting up new neuropathways!

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