Hannah Ward- Person-Centred Counsellor/Psychotherapist


If you are feeling unhappy, anxious, not yourself or stuck it can be difficult to manage. Sometimes you do not know exactly what is wrong; speaking to a counsellor can really help.  

I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist working under the guidlines of the BACP professional body.  I have worked with a range of clients with diverse problems whilst working within a GP surgery and a large charitable organisation.  My expertise lies in the areas of: anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, low self-esteem and stress.

I am trained to help you deal with emotional issues and helping you to gain a better understanding of yourself. I can offer you confidential counselling that is warm, empathic and tailored to meet your needs.     

Person-Centred means you are the focus of the therapy and you are given space and opportunity to reflect on your experience. 

If you would like to arrange sessions or more information, please leave a voicemail or email:


07840 286427

'only Sunday sessions available'