Gerry McConaghy Spine-Works

Gerry McConaghy

I'm Gerry McConaghy. I'm at Ullet Rd every Mon from 1230 to late

My home Clinic is based in Waterloo L22, Mon - Fri 10am to 7pm.

I call my business Spine - Works. I have been in practice since 1994.

I use a very specialised massage based treatment, incorporating Western and Eastern diagnosis methods.

During a treatment you will be given a full skeletal, muscular and organ assessment.

If any steletal imbalances or muscular weaknesses are discovered they are addressed and fixed there and then.

The treatment restores correct posture, levels the pelvis and shoulders and ensures all the skeketal system is correctly aligned. Weakened muscles are reactivated to work correctly, ensuring that they align bones and joints are correctly improving health, reducing pain, restoring mobility and movement while promoting recovery and well being.

You are also tested for proper walking gait, dehydration and digestive issues. I also offer massage, Reflexology and various other treatments.

Treatment appointments are for 1hr but every initial consultation is for 90mins.

The charge is £45 cash or cheque.

A follow on discount voucher scheme is available.

My website with information regarding my treatments can be found at

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