Tracey Kiernan (Massage rocks!)

Massage Rocks!

T: 07739694056

Tracey is a highly qualified and experienced Holistic Practitioner based in Ullet Road Eco Offices Liverpool and the Summer House Wigan. She has worked extensively in both the corporate and private sector.
Tracey has travelled the country for the last twelve years with the Jing Institute in the role of Head Teacher writing and presenting courses and workshops from Edinburgh all the way down to Brighton, and even Copenhagen where she presented a workshop at the prestigious MassageSkolen.
Tracey has also been called upon on several occasions to provide treatments on tour for a number of A-list celebrities, World and Olympic champion athletes and tennis stars, and has provided therapy on tour for Disney on Ice. In 2013 Tracey starred in the popular ITV show Celebrity Super Spa where she was charged with teaching a group of celebrity students how to deliver a great massage. However her claim to fame is having to refuse to treat Beyonce as she was too busy teaching! Luckily the next time Ms Knowles was in town Tracey was available.
Passionate about bodywork Tracey brings a heady mix of humour and professionalism to both her practice and her teaching, and firmly believes that people learn best when they are having fun!
Offering a wide range of Holistic Therapies whilst specialising in massage for the treatment of pain conditions,Tracey also provides a full onsite service for corporate events and entertainment venues.
Whether you are looking for help with a specific problem or in need of some serious relaxation why not book in now for one of the wonderful treatments available.
To book an appointment or for more information on how Tracey can help you call 07739694056 or Email:

Conditions treated
Pain Conditions • Low Back Pain • Sciatica • Neck and Shoulder Pain • Frozen Shoulder • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Wrist and Arm Pain • Tennis Elbow • Golfers elbow • TMJ Face and Jaw Pain • Headaches & Migraines • Myofascial Pain • Fibromyalgia • Scar Tissue, restrictions and adhesions • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome • Piriformis syndrome • Pectoralis Minor Syndrome (Impingement) • Torticollis (wry neck) • Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Spur Syndrome • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (Runners Knee) • and more.

Treatments available at Massage Rocks!
Soft Tissue Specialist Sports and advanced clinical massage Deep Tissue massage Myofascial Release: Structural Integration Visceral Manipulation Cranio Sacral Therapy: Aromatherapy: Hot StoneFusion Massage: Hot Stone Re?exology: Re?exology: Indian Head Massage: Hot Stone Facial: Neals Yard Holistic Facial: Hopi EarCandles: Reiki: Diet and Nutrition Infant Massage Instruction Life Coaching Lymphatic Drainage Massage NO HANDS massage Meditation Practice On Site Massage Pregnancy Massage Stress Management coaching and consultation Oncology massage

University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN): • Cert Ed BTEC Level 6 Professional Diploma in Advanced Clinical Massage and Sports Massage. ITEC: • Anatomy and Physiology • Anatomy Physiology and Holistic Massage • Aromatherapy • Re?exology • Indian Head Massage • Lymph Drainage Massage • Stress Management • Diet and Nutrition UPLEDGER INSTITUTE UK: • CranioSacral Therapy I • CranioSacral Therapy II BARRAL INSTITUTE Visceral manipulation I Visceral manipulation II JING ADVANCED MASSAGE INSTITUTE • Myofascial Release (MFR) • Structural Fascial Bodywork • Orthopaedic Assessment • Sports and Event Massage • Injury Rehabilitation • Hot StoneFusionMassage • Hot StoneFusion Re?exology • Advanced Clinical Massage Certi?cate. • Foundation in Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy (ACMT) • ACMT for Lower Back Pain • ACMT  for Neck and Shoulder Pain • ACMT  for Shoulder Girdle • ACMT for Carpal Tunnel • ACMT  for Leg Knee and Foot Pain • ACMT for Hip and Pelvis pain. • ACMT  for Ribs Abdomen and Thorax • ACMT  for TMJ and Migraine. • Advanced Sports Stretching Techniques. • Onsite Massage • Pregnancy Massage “NO HANDS” MASSAGE COMPANY: Licenced Practitioner in • “NO HANDS” Massage • “NO HANDS” Onsite Chair Massage ALDA HOUSE SCHOOL OF NATURAL THERAPIES: • Thermo Auricular Therapy (Hopi EarCandles) The National Examining Board for Dental Nurses(NEBDN)  • National Certi?cate QUIET PLACE/LIVERPOOL UNIVERSITY • Educational Therapeutics GLOBAL SCIENCES FOUNDATION • Certi?ed Law of Attraction Practitioner