Jan Peet Reiki

My name is Jan Peet and I hail from a nursing background.
I believe in an holistic approach to wellbeing and undertook my training 5 years ago because I personally have benefited from a range of holistic therapies which are all available at The Eco Offices.
I am offering Reiki Therapy and Angelic Reiki Healing.
I learned all about Reiki, when my dad and later my mum were diagnosed with Dementia.
A carer, in the Home where where dad was being cared for,practised Reiki and offered to give my mum who visited dad daily, a Reiki session as she was understandably sad, anxious and depressed.
She was initially very sceptical, but on finally agreeing, she responded really well and drifted off to sleep very quickly during the first session.
She was given a CD with relaxing Reiki music , to take home. She felt so much calmer and felt an inner peace that was new to her, she also slept much better following a few sessions and always fell asleep easily to the music on the CD.
When mum was progressing with Dementia, I felt quite helpless and so undertook Reiki Levels 1&2, purely to help mum.
By this time my dad had died and mum was in a specialist dementia unit.
Whenever she was agitated and would sit for long enough, I would give her Reiki and I would play the CD and she would become calm and relaxed.
After she had died, I didn't see the need to practice any more, my own sadness took over.
However, with love and encouragement from Beth Hunt (Eco Office Therapist who taught me) I continued and have since progressed to Advanced Level and am undertaking my Masters in Reiki (taught by the lovely Beth!)

I have had amazing responses both receiving Reiki myself and using Reiki with both humans and animals, which have included chickens, dogs, cats and horses.

REIKI is a form of hands-on healing, in which energy is drawn from the Universe and transmitted through the palms of the hand to achieve a rebalancing of life force.
There are many benefits that come through Reiki (universal life energy) These can be felt on an emotional and physical level.
Reiki supports the body's ability to heal itself by restoring its energy balance.
It can strengthen the immune system and can be a very effective stress buster.
On an emotional level, it promotes a sense of being at peace with ones self and can sometimes reveal the root cause of our feelings and behaviour.

Angelic Reiki is also a great form of healing.

Call or e mail me and I can answer any questions or queries that you have.

For further information my contact details are: Cloudworks99@gmail.com.
Mobile 07810552810.